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Angela Clay at Cloud View Farms

Hey there, lovely folks! I'm Angie, the creative heartbeat behind Liberate and Lather. I've always had a love for the simple joys—flipping through a fresh notebook, snagging a great deal, rocking my natural hair, and embracing life's adventures, wherever they might lead.

At Liberate and Lather, we're about more than just products—we're about experiences. Imagine a soap that feels like a soft, fragrant hug in a steamy shower, or handcrafted soy candles that give off a cozy, homey vibe.

But it's not all about the outside. I've been scribbling my thoughts down for 31 amazing years, and it's been my personal therapy. That's why journaling is such a big part of what we're all about here.

I'd love for you to be a part of our "Journaling for Self-Care" tribe. It's a place where us ladies gather to pour our hearts out, tackle life's ups and downs, and find strength in our stories. Let's leave behind the baggage and embrace a brighter, better tomorrow, together. Because at Liberate and Lather, we believe that taking care of yourself, inside and out, is one beautiful, ongoing journey. Let's walk it side by side! 💛