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Can Journaling Be Your Thing? Reasons Why Journaling Might Not Be For You

Journaling, Published July 21, 2023
Self-reflection is critical because it allows you to see yourself objectively and to understand your thoughts and feelings better. It helps you identify areas in your life that you want to change.
Art on canvas artist Reyna Noriega

My Reflection On Canvas: Reyna Noriega

Lifestyle, Published July 21, 2023
Growing up I never knew exactly what I was missing. I just tried to assimilate to the imagery that was around me.

Burr! Ever Spent A Winter in Boston?

Book Review, Published July 21, 2023
We all have gone through something in life, we may not be living the dream career that we sprawled in our high school yearbooks, but it is never too late to change for the better.

Have You Heard...I Got The Secret Sauce: Reasons To Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Self-Care, Published July 21, 2023
If you're like most people, you've probably got a million and one ideas doing the electric slide in your head at all times. But sitting down and writing about them can be another story entirely...especially if you don't know where to start.
Relaxing and Writing


Journaling, Published July 18, 2023
The best way to begin journaling is by doing what already comes naturally. If you love to write, get to it. If you are a list maker, start listing your thoughts down.

Explore, Express, and Remember Your Life Through Journaling

Self-Care, Published July 10, 2023
It is in our DNA to draw, write, process, and document our journey through life. Some of this country's most beloved treasures are the journals and accounts of many well-known people.
Breakfast and Journaling

Three Benefits of Journaling

Self-Care, Published June 22, 2023
Explore, Express, and Remember Your Life Through Journaling
Model: The Brandy K Photographer: Kieana Rochelle Mainor

Revitalize Your Self-Care Routine: Embracing the Energy of Spring

Self-Care, Published April 7, 2023
Recharge, Refresh, Renew: Unleashing Your Inner Radiance in Spring"
I received a call from the school nurse, who put my son on the line. My son told me he was very sad and was feeling depressed. I immediately went to my son’s school to pick him up. Before we left, we met with one of the administrators, who helped my son feel a little better. 

The whole afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking about how sad my son was when I arrived at the school. A few hours later, when I went upstairs for some quiet time, it hit me that my son may be depressed…just like me.

What I love about this image is the raw emotion that shows just how hard parenting can be sometimes.

Are You On Burn Out?

Self-Care, Published April 6, 2023
5 Signs That Say You Are