The best way to begin journaling is by doing what already comes naturally. If you love to write, get to it. If you are a list maker, start listing your thoughts down.

Relaxing and Writing

Effortless Journaling In the Morning

f you prefer structure, here are some questions to ask yourself before you start:

✓ How do I want to express myself when I journal?

✓ How much time do I have to spend on journaling?

✓ Where do I want to do my journaling?

✓ Is there an activity I love that I can use as a form of journaling?

✓ What is my goal in creating this journal?

Answering these questions can help you choose the best method and time frame to begin journaling. Now all you need to do is pick the best method and time frame and begin.

If you have a busy schedule, consider getting a journal you can take. When you have a break or find ten minutes to sneak off and write, you have your journal with you, and you can begin penning your thoughts immediately.

When it comes to journaling tools, it's important to be bougie. Find a pen that is smooth and effortless to use. Decide if you love a notebook that lays flat, a bound blank book, or a notepad. If you are using an electronic notebook, make sure you are in a comfortable space wherever you work. Be on the lookout for tools that will make journaling fun and time well spent. My favorite journaling notebook is the Happy Planners. As far as pens, Bic Velocity 1.6 ballpoint and Ultra Thin Sharpies in black are great options. Try out a few until you find your favorites.

Time is key when it comes to journaling. If you require no distractions, find a time when you have peace and quiet and are fully charged to do your journaling. This may only be before the family wakes up in the morning or after they go to bed. Perhaps you will have to journal in the car between activities for your kids. Be intentional about creating a routine you can count on when you start to journal.

Spatial awareness is also important for creating a productive journaling environment. Reduce distractions, including unnecessary noises. Turn off the radio or television or close your door. Go outside and listen to the sound of nature or turn on a fan or white noise device. Limit the number of people in your personal space and consider diffusing oils or having a scented candle burning.

The best way to begin journaling is by doing what already comes naturally. If you love to write, get to it. If you are a list maker, start listing your thoughts down. If you are a talker and a runner, consider an audio journal that you can dictate into while you exercise. My newest app that I am crushing on at the moment is Lifelogs.

Lifelogs allows you to use video or audio to record your thoughts or tell the story of your life from childhood to the present day. Will I switch to this style of journaling entirely? No, but it adds something different to the way I express my thoughts and feelings.

Having a solid reason for journaling can help motivate you to stick with it. Knowing why you are journaling helps get you going. With the popularity of journaling, many communities are popping up online to help support other journalers.

Starting to journal isn't difficult with the right tools and support. The beautiful journey begins when you decide to start. From finding the perfect tools to express yourself naturally and effortlessly, you will be on your way to recording important history about your life before you know it. Who knows, maybe a memoir is hidden inside you.